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PackRest for Trombone/Trumpet

PackRest for Trombone/Trumpet

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Carbon fiber - black

An elegant solution in regards to where to place your wireless mic pack onboard the horn without worrying about scratching your finish with velcro or having stretchy things wear out and fail. 

The PackRest attaches securely to either the tuning slide brace or the secondary bell brace on straight trombones or those with open wrap F attachments (it may fit on closed wrapped horns with some slight sanding of the rubber bushings), and attaching to either the tuning slide brace or lead pipe on trumpet, and allows for positioning that works with any horn and any mic pack!

Available only in carbon fiber with rubber pad (2oz / 57g), as the pack rest weighs nearly 1/3 the weight of standard counterweights (4.8oz / 140g)

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